PRESTO is coming to Lawrence East Station

TTC image

As part of TTC’s modernization efforts, PRESTO electronic fare payment systems are  being installed in stations across the network.  Here are the details related to Lawrence East Station:

  • PRESTO is coming to Lawrence East Station.
  • Construction will begin on November 9 and will be completed by mid-December.
  • The collector booth will be open for sales and you can continue to enter the station through that aisle. You can exit the station beside the hoarding.
  • During construction the fare line will be removed, the floor will be dug up, refinished and the gates will be mounted to the new floor. This work will be done behind construction hoarding. You may notice some noise from inside but it should be minimal.
  • During construction, you will be able to access the station using tokens, tickets, TTC passes or cash.
  • After construction you will be able to access the new fare gates with a TTC pass or PRESTO card only. Anyone paying by tokens, tickets or cash must enter via the collector booth aisle. PRESTO customers must tap their card on a reader.
  • Signs will be posted and messages will be shared externally via social media and platform video screens.

Construction updates on Presto installation across the network  are available on the TTC site at the following link:


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